The origins

It's More Than a Shirt. It's a Mindset.

Tiger Woods in red on Sundays: it's an image etched in golfing history - as iconic as his swing and as legendary as his wins. A strong believer in lucky colors, Tiger's mother Kultida saw red as a symbol of strength and dominance, and once Tiger started winning in red, those beliefs solidified.

Today, the Sunday red is more than superstition. It's a symbol of Tiger's relentless pursuit of excellence, and a testament to his mental fortitude under the greatest of pressures.

Every seam, every stitch, every fold of SUN DAY RED, is sewn with the meticulousness, care, and unwavering focus that has defined Tiger Woods' legendary career. When you wear these clothes, you wear the confidence to compete, both on and off the course. You carry the legacy of a champion. You become part of the SUN DAY RED story.