Stepping Into a New Era

When we decided to design golf footwear with Tiger Woods, we knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park.

FEB 23 2024

Meticulous. That's the best way to describe our design sessions with Tiger as we set out on a path to introduce a game-changing golf shoe. Throughout the process, Tiger's insights have been integral in our team's effort to craft a shoe that exceeds expectations.

A Winning Collaboration

The golf world knows the drill: Tiger doesn't just play the game; he transforms it. But this time around, it's about conquering a new frontier. The Sun Day Red team is buzzing, proud to report that Tiger is already wearing and competing in the first iteration of Sun Day Red footwear. Because this is more than getting the design right; it's about setting a new standard.

A Debut at Riviera

When Tiger recently stepped onto the course at Riviera Country Club, the world got its first glimpse at the future of footwear. After rigorous testing of prototypes and final models, Tiger wore the shoes for one last test round at Medalist Golf Club, and gave them the green light for competition.

From the beginning we have said we're following the compass, not the clock, ensuring that when these shoes drop, they're the epitome of perfection.