The Dawn Of Sun Day Red

Tiger marked his return to Riviera with a redux of his 1992 debut polo.

FEB 16 2024

In golf, few names resonate as deeply as Tiger Woods. A name synonymous with a relentless pursuit of greatness, a saga woven with the threads of triumphs, trials, and a relentless spirit. This week, Tiger once again walked the course at Riviera Country Club, the very place where a wide-eyed teenager with boundless potential made his first mark on professional golf. But this time, 32 years later, he didn't just compete; he rewrote the narrative of his storied career.

A New Chapter in an Illustrious Saga

As Tiger prepared to tee off at the Genesis Invitational, an annual event he hosts with proceeds benefitting his TGR Foundation, the air was thick with anticipation. Not just for the chance to witness one of golf's most significant figures battle Riviera once more, but to see the unveiling of something deeply personal to Woods—a new golf apparel and footwear line, Sun Day Red. In a poetic nod to his debut, Tiger will don a remake of the iconic striped polo he wore in 1992.

With one day of the event scheduled for the reveal of the 92 Cypress Polo, the rest of the week will see Tiger decked in a variety of Sun Day Red designs, including performance apparel showcasing the brand's tiger logo. Shortly after May 1st, Sun Day Red will launch limited numbers of the 92 Cypress Polo. Fans are encouraged to register for news and emails now with the intent of being the first alerted of the polo's launch as it's expected to be a coveted collector's item and sell out quickly.

A New Era for Tiger Woods and Golf Apparel

The Genesis Invitational is more than a golf tournament for Tiger; it's a showcase of resilience. The debut of Sun Day Red signaled the beginning of a new chapter in Tiger's relationship with the world of golf apparel and footwear with a brand that embodies the essence of his journey—from a prodigious talent to an iconic phenomenon—all while maintaining the legendary aura that has defined his career.

Fans will quickly recognize that Sun Day Red sets itself apart with an uncompromised dedication to quality and performance—and especially fit. “A perfect fit allows me to perform at a higher level, one that transcends what I can do on a golf course,” explains Tiger. With versatility at the brand's core, the complete line of performance tees, hoodies, pants, jackets, shorts, and pants are intended to promote an elevated level of play as well as an elevated sense of everyday style.